Who we are

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Chemophilic academy is an institution developed for the students belonging to the rural area or small cities where no such quality educationis provided to creack the prestigious IIT-JAM and other prestigious exams like TIFR, JEST and other M.Sc. Entrance.

Chemophilic academy chemophilic Academy has unique method of teaching. we believe in complete understanding of topics not muggig it up. We provide well planned test related to various topics and also for complete syllabus are regular assignable offer the completion of topics. Our team comprises of highly knolegable and experinced teaching experts who helps students to clear their doubts and allways keep them motivating.

Our mission is to provide a quality online platform for IIT-JAM aspirants so that a students even from rural area can dream to get.

Our Motto: "Prove yourself by your work not by words"

Mission: Our mission is to provide unfailing commitment to develop a dense competitive environment with the main focus on application of concepts with accuracy, giving maximum result at minimum attempts.

Vision: To build a rich and intellectual potential embedded with sound knowledge, professional ethics and human values among the youth, research scholar and scientist by creating excellent human resource to serve the nation.


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Alok Panwar


Ex Chem Academy Faculty; M.Sc ( IIT Roorkee )

Sailbalendu Sarkar


CSIR-JRF AIR - 09 Ph.D from IISc Bangalore